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How long will it take to practice yoga for weight loss and toning ?

By on April 27, 2016

I lost 12 kgs in 10 weeks through Yoga.

Yes, that’s true! And I wrote that first in bold letters to make you read the full answer. Here is a before (left- 75 kgs) after (right-63 kgs) pic of me.

I had faced a serious near death accident sometime back (notice the scars on my left leg in the right pic? Yes, that ‘s the accident. ) and to recover fully well, had to take a lot of medicines (which puffed my body a little) + mom’s handmade food with all the extravagant Indian-ness :’) for 5 months straight caused me to gain a lot of weight. I was around 58 kgs before I met with the accident and after 6 months of recovery I was a little over 75 kgs. So I had gained 17 kgs straight away.

My old clothes didn’t fit me well, had to buy bigger sizes now. Didn’t feel good about it. Even though I had a regular diet, I was constant at 75 kgs. My routine physical activity was almost zero. I have always avoided untimely snacking, but because I had reached a level where I wasn’t caring anymore, I munched and munched.

There were times when people used to tell me how I used to look before. And that somehow was depressing. I tried to catch up on exercise so many times, all in vain. Went running for a while, sadly not so interesting for the laid-back-fat-me. I hate gym-ing, still gave it a try, only to see myself eating more than necessary.

Finally came a time when my mom pushed me to my limits. She knows yoga pretty well, exercise yoga, and meditation yoga both. I am breaking it up like this, because for people who focus only on losing weight through yoga, this is the best way to see it. If you confuse between the two, the fat loss isn’t going to be as fast as 1.2 kgs a week, like mine.

My Daily Schedule:

  • Get up at 6:30 am.
  • Without thinking anything, drink 2 glasses of lukewarm water. 2 spoons of fenugreek (methi) soaked overnight in that water.
  • Go to the toilet and feel good that my stomach’s empty after coming out of the toilet.
  • 1 beautiful hour of Yoga.
  • 15 minutes of meditation.
  • 10 hours of daily work.
  • Come back to home. Relax for a while.
  • 45 minutes of fast paced walking (before dinner) or play any outdoor game.
  • Have dinner.
  • Do whatever the hell you want, except eating and drinking liquids except water.
  • Soak 2 full spoons fenugreek seeds in 2 glasses of water.
  • Sleep.

Daily Yoga Routine:

  • Start with Vriksha-aasan. 1-2 minutes.
  • Do all levels of Virabhadrasana/Janusirsana/Ardhya Chandrasan/Anantasan/Urdhva Mukha Svanasana/Phalakasana/ and every possible yoga pose. Minimum 2 sets of 30 reps each for left and right parts of the body. Mind-boggling right? Join a Professional Yoga Center. For first timers, it’s best to join yoga centers for if your poses are not right, your effort is futile + you need to do such poses under supervision.
  • SURYA-NAMASKAR: THE ONE THING I SWEAR BY ! This magically helped me reduce weight. Initially I did 10 reps, extended till 20 and gave up. The next day I did 25, next day 35 till one day I reached 100. Yes you read it right, 100 reps of Surya Namaskar daily. In approximately 40-45 minutes at one go. Do not push yourself if you are facing low/high bp or are facing back pain or any kind of pain in your body. After getting used to it, I began doing 50 before, and 50 after a full set of yoga poses. I used to put Hanuman Chalisa(a Hindu Mythological Hymn, very soulful) on loop and did my Surya Namaskars, cos you will feel like giving up, but I don’t know, listening to it gave me strength enough, to push myself to 50 anyhow. Later on it became a routine task for me, so wasn’t much of a problem. After 2 weeks of religiously practicing it you won’t feel a thing, trust me ! And your day will not go well if you don’t do it. ๐Ÿ˜€
  • In the end, I used to breathe deep for about 5 minutes to calm myself. Used to chant “OM” for 10 times, each time trying to chant it longer than the last time. Lie down for 2-3 minutes with closed eyes, palms facing upwards, body left loose. After 2 minutes, rub palms vigorously against each other and touch eyes only after whichย  open your eyes. Get up from your right side very slowly.

Eating Schedule:

  • Breakfast : Sprouts/Fruits.
  • Lunch :Either Fruits and boiled vegetables or Daal, definitely, 1 full bowl. Roti/Rice- sometimes. Sometimes bhelpuri along with the above.
  • Dinner: Boiled bottle gourd mashed up in the mixer-grinder to get a smooth shake like texture. Add salt, black pepper powder, dash of lime, drink 2 full glasses. DRINK IT!
  • 4 bottles of lukewarm water per day. Less than that = not enough effort. WHENEVER YOU DRINK WATER, STRICTLY DRINK LUKEWARM WATER ONLY. You’ll feel pathetic initially, but do it. No questions asked. You’ll adapt.
  • I am a pure vegetarian, not even eggetarian, so can’t say anything about including eggs in this diet.
  • No food inside your body after 8 pm. Abide by this rule. Period.
  • You’ll feel hungry, really really really hungry initially while switching to this plan, but out of desperation do not eat anything that causes you to gain weight. Trust me, once you get to see the results, you’ll thank yourself (and me) ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€
  • No additional beverages. Have either tea or coffee just once a day, preferably without sugar, if you can’t resist the urge at all. I resisted and lost 12 kgs, remember?

Lastly, measure your weight everyday. I used to do it and I could see visible results. It motivated me to see that I lost 500 grams after my rigorous yoga session. And I used to make it a point to maintain that till the next day, by adhering to my diet plan. Practically speaking, it’s not possible to keep losing 500 gms everyday at the same pace, but losing 1-1.5 kgsย  per week is very very easy, if you follow all of the above. ๐Ÿ™‚

The weight reduction initially geared up. I lost straight 5 kgs in the first month. But then it was constant for 2 weeks. I pushed myself to do more, but that didn’t help. So don’t stress out if you don’t see instant results. Your weight will reduce eventually, focus on losing inches, not weight. Weight is just a way of measuring whether you are on the right track to achieving a great toned body.

Do not see yoga as a way to reduce weight. It is a journey in itself, and it would be best if you see it like that. It strengthened me emotionally, mentally and definitely physically. I learnt difficult yoga poses after which I realized I can possibly do any physical task. Yes, it was daunting, yes I thought of giving up many times, yes it started taking a toll on me initially, but would I have reached back to 60 kgs from 75 kgs today, if I had given up then? I am back to being 60 kgs now. And I am more than happy than I ever was. I see it as an achievement.

Here is a pic of me doing the Chakrasana.

If you think you’ll start from tomorrow, you will never do it, trust me!ย  Start from today, right now, after reading my answer. Sit on your bed/chair/floor and breathe deeply for 5-10 minutes and tell yourself you will start it when you open your eyes the next morning. And after 10 weeks you will also be writing an answer here. ๐Ÿ™‚

Author – Ishita Singh,ย Yoga is a way of Life


I can truely say Suryanamaskar is my bestfriend ๐Ÿ™‚ I was 86 kilos till my 12th std. A bullied victim all my childhood whether it be my family members or crap schoolmates or bitchy neighbours.Seriously embarassed by asking various clothes section people “Mere size ke kapde hai yaha?” each and everytime. Wanting to wear all those sexy clothes and feeling terrible It’s okk ria next birth maybe :'( I used to cry every other day due to fat shaming from soo many people and after my 12th boards I just said to myself this has to end and I will show itt to others but most importantly Myself! Worked hard rigourously everyday 1 hr suryanamaskar and 2 hours of brisk walking and just banning all the junk foods and indulging myself with home cooked food for 2 years THIS IS WHAT I AM TODAY ๐Ÿ˜€

From 86 kgs to 55 kg โ˜บ๏ธ and I am enjoying all the compliments and seeing poor faces of those people who fat shammed me and and and happily in relationship with all the clothes I love โค๏ธ

Author – Ria Salian, Student


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