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How to Perform the Bow Pose (Dhanurasan)

By on June 8, 2015

Bow (Dhanurasan)


The Bow (Dhanurasan)

In the Bow (Dhanurasan) posture/asan the back is arched like a Bow and arms are straight  like Bowstring and hence the name. The Bow (Dhanurasan) works on complete back. The body weight in the Bow (Dhanurasan) posture/asan is on the abdomen and all body parts other than abdomen are lifted. Initially the body weight may not be on abdomen but with practice you will be able to hold or rock on the abdomen in the posture/asan.

STEP 1 :

Lay down on the mat such that your abdomen touching the mat. Keeping your head on the ground bend the knees and hold right ankle with right hand and left ankle with left hand. Forehead is touching the ground/mat and hands are holding the respective ankles not feet or toe.

STEP 2 :

Now as you inhale lift the head and then chest and then legs and hold the posture/asan at least for 10 seconds in the begining and with practice increase the hold time to at least 30 seconds. While in the posture breathe normally and with every inhale try to lift up more. Do not put any pressure on the head or neck.

When you are comfortable in the posture/asan, you can rock your body back and forth. Gently rock forward while exhaling and rock backward while inhaling. While rocking hold your ankles tightly.



  • The posture allows lungs to work at full capacity hence enhances respiration and removes bronchitis and asthma.
  • Since body weight in the posture/asan is on abdomen so the posture/asan improves secretions from digestive organs/Endocrine glands.
  • Helps in removing constipation.
  • Reduces fats from abdomen and thighs.
  • Arms, thighs, back muscles and spinal cord becomes strong and flexible


  • Should be avoided in case of back bone problems.
  • Should be avoided in recent abdominal surgery, stomach ulcer or hernia.
  • Pregnant women or women during periods should avoid the posture/asan.


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