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How to Get Proper Flow During Periods (Menstrual Cycle)

By on December 15, 2014

In today’s busy and hectic life its very common for females to have irregular periods or improper flow during periods which also aggravates the pain and nausea during periods. Following are home made remedies to get rid of the said problems.

Precaution: Please check for pregnancy before taking the remedies and pregnant women should not take the following remedies.

1. Using Chrysanthemum / Guldaudi flowers

Hindi – Guldaudi

English – Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum flowers are grown in house and parks for elegant decoration. Its flowers are of many colour like white, yellow, pink, orange and purple. It is cool, bitter, nutritive and beneficial for heart. Improves potency and enhances glow of skin.

Chrysanthemum Flower

Chrysanthemum Flower

Boil 10-20 gm (4-5 medium sized flowers) Chrysanthemum flowers in 240 ml of water till water is reduced to one-fourth i.e., 60 ml. Prepare and drink the syrup every morning and evening for 3 to 4 days to get relief in irregular periods.

2. Using Jaggery  and dry ginger powder

Boil half spoon of dry ginger powder and one spoon of jaggery in one cup of water till the water reduces to half cup and drink the syrup sip by sip. Do this twice a day for 3-4 days.

3. Using Ambroma augusta or devil’s cotton

Abroma Augusta or Devil's Cotton

Abroma Augusta or Devil’s Cotton


1. Take 2 gm of juice of the bark of its roots regularly for some time. It cures all types of disorders related to menstrual cycle.

2. Grind 6 gm of the bark of its root with 1 gm black pepper and take 1 week before the commencement of menstrual cycle till the menstrual cycle is over. It ensures normal bleeding and cures infertility and also strengthen the uterus.

3. In case of irregular menstrual cycle, pain in uterus, waist area and thighs, take 4 gm juice of its root with powdered sugar mixed in it. It gives relief within 2 days.

Accupressure for Menstrual Pain

It’s a proven traditional method of Chinese medicine for centuries. What I love about Accupressure for menstrual pain is that it cures the root of the problem, and not just treat the symptoms like so many of the modern medicine nowadays do. Accupressure not only relieves from menstrual pain but also provide proper blood flow during periods. Accupressure for menstrual pain serves to get to the cause of what’s affecting you regularly and so the accupressure prevents infertility in women.

Unlike acupuncture for menstrual pain, acupressure for menstrual pain doesn’t require needles to be penetrated into the skin. Acupressure for menstrual pain uses massaging techniques to stimulate energy flow between the meridian points of the body.

What are meridian points? where are meridian points located in our body? how meridian points are responsible for flow of energy in our body? how we can utilize meridian points to cure any problem in our body?

Click Here to know the answers to all the questions above and also learn the simple self therapy accupressure techniuques from the masters to heal yourself naturally and permanently.


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