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Leverage breath for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Relaxation

By on August 8, 2017

Abdomenial Breathing

Breath for physical, mental and spiritual relaxation

When the body and mind constantly overworked, their efficiency in performing natural work reduces. As already said, modern social life, food, work and even entertainment activities make it difficult to relax. Also, man has forgotten the nature’s way of recharging the body during relaxation and rest. Even during rest, the normal people spend both physical and mental energy. Most of the energy produced by the body is wasted on unnecessary muscular tension.

Every genius consciously or unconsciously relaxes during its particular job that is why they are efficient in their fields. We should not confuse relaxation with laziness. In infancy the child relaxes naturally; some adults possess this power of relaxation. Such persons are noted for their endurance, strength, vigor and vitality. It was stated that Napoleon could relax and sleep on horseback during continuous fighting. Many great personalities depend upon their power of relaxation to enable them to carry out the tremendous amount of work they have shouldered.

When the amount of energy spent is more than the body can restore, the body feels weak. In order to regulate and balance the work of body and mind, it is necessary to economize the energy produced by our body, which is the main purpose of learning how to relax.

In order to achieve perfect relaxation, one has to relax physically, mentally and spiritually.

Physical Relaxation or YogNidra:

Every action is the result of thought originated in the mind consciously or subconsciously. Thoughts take form in action and the body reacts to it. Just as behind the muscular contraction or tension there are thoughts, so also behind the relaxation. Just as we send a message to contract the muscles, so also another message will bring relaxation to the tired muscles. This relaxation message is known as autosuggestion or suggesting one’s own muscles and internal organs to relax. As we have no control over involuntary organs such as the heart, lungs, liver, brain, etc., we cannot directly send the thoughts for relaxing these organs. Yet, these involuntary organs need rest and relaxation to increase their efficiency. The subconscious mind controls the automatic functions of these involuntary organs for relaxation. During relaxation, the conscious mind sends a message to a particular organ, such as heart or liver. This message is received by the instinctive mind and the order is immediately carried out. Thus one could relax all the involuntary organs too. First, physical relaxation starts from the toes upward and the autosuggestion passes through the muscles and reach up to the eyes and ears at the top. Then, slowly, messages are sent to the kidneys, liver, and so on internally. This is how one should relax his physical body.

Mental Relaxation:

The constant tension put on the mind owing to unnecessary worries and anxieties take away more energy than physical tension. During mental tension one should breathe slowly and rhythmically for a few minutes and concentrate on breathing. Focus on breathing is very important for mental relaxation because mind never stays in present and you can’t breath in past or future and so breath is the best tool to bring and keep mind in present. Slowly the mind will become calm and one is able to feel a kind of floating sensation, as if one were as light as a feather. One feels peace and joy.

Spiritual Relaxation:

However one tries to relax the mind, one cannot completely remove all the tensions and worries from the mind unless one goes to spiritual relaxation. As long as one identifies himself with the body and the mind there will be worries, sorrows, anxieties, fear and anger which in turn bring tension. Unless one withdraws himself from the body idea and separates himself from the body consciousness, there is no way of obtaining complete relaxation. So from mental relaxation, one need to withdraw himself and identifies himself with the all-pervading, all-powerful, all-peaceful and joyful self, or pure consciousness within himself, because all the source of power, knowledge, peace and strength are in the soul and not in the body. Free yourself from the clutches of evil emotions by asserting his real nature, i.e., ” I am that pure consciousness or self”. This identification with self, completes the process of relaxation.


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