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Leverage Breath for Weight Loss and to get rid of Eating Addiction

By on April 11, 2017

Our body gets Energy/Prana from food, water, air and sunlight. Mind is responsible for creating hunger and executing all the autonomous functions of our body. For certain autonomous jobs like blinking of eye, heartbeat etc. mind doesn’t need instructions and for certain jobs we program our mind by executing the things on regular basis like getting up daily at the same time, learn to drive a car etc. In our childhood, our parents, closed ones program our mind that food is the only source of energy and so our focus is always on food whenever we feel tired. Most of us eat food according to clock not when we feel hungry. So our mind gets programmed and creates hunger after certain interval of time or when we feel tired or when we are sitting idle. Actually we don’t need that much food as much we eat. In India there is a guru who trains his disciples for 2 days fasting, then 7 days fasting, then 11 days fasting and then 21 days fasting (you can visit his programs at During fasting only one glass (250 ml) juice or milk per day is to be taken. Water can be taken whenever feel thirsty or hungry. I have met his disciple during fasting. They do not feel any weakness or tiredness and are as energetic as any other person during fasting. The purpose here is not to promote the guru but to make you believe that food is not that necessary as much we think. Your mind will not do things what you want but will do things what you believe. So before getting rid of eating addiction, you have to believe or make your mind believe that your body needs very little food to survive because our body has the capability to generate Prana/energy from sunlight, air, water and food. The Prana/energy we get from food is the impure as it also generates toxins in the body whereas the Prana/energy generated from air and sunlight is pure.
Getting rid of eating addiction program should be followed in phases like start practice for two days then seven days and keep increasing the days till your mind gets programmed for new habit. Firstly one has to believe that skipping a meal or two is not going to harm his/her body at all. Secondly when you feel hungry generate Prana/energy through air. To generate Prana/energy from air learn abdominal breathing and Pranayama stated earlier in this book. Close your eyes start abdominal breathing in rhythm and while inhaling think that Prana/energy is entering into your body from air to top center portion of the head and while exhaling think that just inhaled Prana/energy is getting stored at naval center. Since mind has the habit of following breath so what you thought while inhale and exhale, mind starts executing. After 10-15 breaths you will feel charged and fresh. Drink some water and to divert your mind from hunger, engage yourself in some activity.

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