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How Power Naps Work and how to perform Power Naps ?

By on April 27, 2016

power-nap-sleepingPower Naps as the name states that take a nap for small interval of time (10-15 Minutes) and it provides you the power.Whenever we feel tired either through physical work or through mental work then our body asks for rests and in many cases it is not possible to take rest for a long duration then Power Naps are of great help as it provides immediate energy in a small interval of time.

How to perform Power Naps?

Power Naps are performed like relaxation is performed after a session of yoga i.e.,Normally a relaxed and conscious inhalation and exhalation takes approximately 10 Seconds and I will be taking it as one breath for this discussion.

  1. If possible lay down flat on the mat/bed without any pillow. (Note: If you are taking power nap immediately after meal then lay on the left side of your body)
  2. Set an alarm for the duration you want to take the nap say 15 minutes.For a 15 minute nap you need to take approximately 90 breaths.
  3. Concentrate on your breath and start counting your breath.
  4. With each exhalation, feel as if your body is loosing control and getting relaxed from legs to head.
  5. If you are taking power nap immediately after meal then change the left side on position to flat position after 15-20 breaths. (Note: Laying on the left side after taking meals helps in digestion and after 15 – 20 breaths you will feel your stomach light and will easily lay down flat on the mat/bed).
  6. Don’t worry if you miss counting in between and some other thoughts come to mind. In such situation start counting again from where you have missed the count.
  7. Get up when the alarm is raised. You still feel sleepy this time but don’t worry, go and wash your face and specially eyes with water. In a few minutes you will feel energetic and recharged.

Note: You can take power naps on the chair or car seats and the same above concept applies there also but you may need to adjust your position so that your body weight is balance and no one part of the body is holding more weight than other i.e., loose or relax your muscles as much as you can so that no part of the body is tensed.

Initially you may not be relaxed very much but after a little practice you will find power naps amazing.

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