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Does Yoga or Meditation has any scientific base ?

By on May 10, 2016

Why Yoga  is best compared to any physical exercise can be explained scientifically as follows:

From the time of our birth till death the heart works continuously. Everyday the heart pumps 7000 liters of blood ,of which 70% blood is pumped to the brain and the remaining 30%  to the rest of body.The blood is pumped through veins/arteries which are about more than 70,000 km long.

The strength required to pump the blood up to 42 ft high and weight of 1 tonne is generated by the heart everyday throughout its work.

How does the heart work so much efficiently and effectively?

Heart works effectively because it follows a discipline. In normal conditions the heart takes 0.3 secs to contract (systole) and 0.5 secs to relax (diastole). So 0.3+0.5=0.8 secs are required by the heart to complete one beat (1 cardiac cycle).That means in 1 min the heart beats 72 times which is considered as normal heart beat.

During the relaxing phase of 0.5 secs the impure blood travels through the lungs and becomes 100 % pure.

In some stressful conditions the body demands more blood in less time and in this situation the heart reduces the relaxing period of 0.5 secs to 0.4 secs.Thus in this case the heart beats 82 times in 1 min and only 80% of blood gets purified.

On more and more demand the relaxing time is further reduced to 0.3 secs then only 60% of blood is purified.

Thus 20-40% of impure blood is pumped in the veins/ arteries. These impure components (cholesterol / lipid) gets deposited on the walls of arteries/ veins and thus the elastic nature of the veins and the arteries is lost. So they become plastic in nature. After some time due to the above conditions the veins/arteries become rigid. Now if a blood clot travels through the veins / arteries ( which in normal conditions gets easily passed away due to the elastic nature earlier) gets blocked and resists blood flow in that area.

This results in a blockage which further results in Heart Attack.

From the above discussion we realize that the main reason for the heart problems is the increase demand of blood by the brain and the body.

When the activity of brain is stimulated it demands more amount of blood than that of normal conditions.

How yoga / meditation helps ?

There is a link between brain and our breathing that is if we slow down our breathing than our brain also relaxes and vice versa and this is how a yogi slows down its mind activities through slowing down his breathing.

Yoga and Meditation Science

Yoga and Meditation Science

People who practice meditation knows that during meditation our breath becomes very subtle and so is the mind. Breathing is very slow during meditation and if one measure pulse rate that time, it should be somewhere between 50 to 70 pulse / minute.

Also all Pranayams controls the breathing which actually makes our breathing pattern better, increases our lung capacity and relaxes the heart and brain.

As per yoga, the organs and muscles of our body where breathing is not normal gets tensed. The yoga postures helps in first stressing the organs / muscles and slowly relaxing the organs / muscle using breathing.

So only in Yoga or Meditation the heart beats at its normal pace or better than average pace whereas in other physical activities the heart pumps at a faster rate leading to free radicals or toxins in the body.

There are thousands of other benefits of yoga / Meditation that can be proved scientifically….

Enjoy your Breath

The above article is taken from the book “Breathe 100% for 100% Life” by MD Singh available for download from Amazon:

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