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About Us

Heal Natures Way is that diligent practice which helps one purify his body, make his/her body normal and healthy. When mind is focused using concentration and fixed on the true self, one can realize the truth, knowledge and bliss. The super-conscious state achieved liberates one from the bondage of pain and ignorance of this world. The way to achieve this state is the Natures way.


Nature is My Medicine

Following ways to transform and correct your body naturally are the subject matter of this website:

  1. Six activities of Hatha Yoga
  2. Natural Remedies
  3. Will Power
  4. Using Ayurvedic Medicines
  5. Acupressure

All Natural phenomenon are analogous and not digital like no baby start walking in a day, nobody learns cycle in first go, no bird fly in first go and so on. Similarly our body doesn’t fail in a day and in the same way natural healing also takes time. So one should be patient when using natural medicines or yogic postures to improve the efficiency of any organ. Don’t expect overnight results but a little progress every day leads to slow and permanent results.

The aim and objective of this website to provide authentic Natural Solutions available worldwide for today’s lifestyle diseases for physical, psychological and social well being.